Thoughts by Anthony Bourdain

Thoughts by Anthony Bourdain:


Free time is my enemy. I recognized early on I’m not a guy who should have a lot of time to contemplate the mysteries of the universe. I need to stay busy… That’s just the nature of my demons.


I’ve been cooking for a nine-year-old and her friends for the better part of seven or eight years. It’s how I cook today, it’s what makes me happy. I tend to overcompensate for my long absences when I’m home by cooking and it’s therapeutic to me – it’s how I express love for my daughter. It felt good to do.


Really annoys me any time I see Asian fusion too. Asia is a big place; which Asian are you talking about? You notice it’s never Uzbek or Tajik food. It’s Thai, and it’s generally insulting.


I think there’s a tendency to over-jack and over-umami food these days.

A burger is something anyone can do, just follow the rules.

I love bacon, but I don’t think we need it on everything.

The ingredients of a hamburger seldom vary. It’s a percentage of fat to lean meat, add salt and prepare and that’s it. It shouldn’t need a recipe.


A good, stinky French cheese or a good Stilton. These are things I really, really love. Dessert I can obviously live without.


I do the meatball recipe a lot. I think the army stew probably too. It’s the most useful dish because it was born out of necessity and poverty and any idiot can make it in 20 minutes on a hot plate. It’s cheap and uses readily available commercial ingredients. And it’s delicious. It should be the great American dish – perfect late-night stoner dorm food for college kids on a budget.


My love of soft, runny cheese – it’s impossible to resist.


Whatever everyone else has asked you to do or never let you do, and let’s do that.


My family is very far from normal.


At the end of a dinner at my house, my kitchen sink is filled with dishes and there’s nothing pretty about the garbage.