Thoughts by Anthony Bourdain

Thoughts by Anthony Bourdain:


I wanted it to look like real cooking in someone’s real home or just so out-of-there bizarre that it would be fun.


I didn’t want food that looked unapproachable or ridiculously beautiful.


I’d never done anything useful as far as my writing.

Do you really want to make risotto to order when you have eight guests sitting there? No. It won’t work. Most cookbooks won’t tell you that. They will say make it and it will come out perfectly. They should tell you you’re probably going to screw it up the first 10 times you make it.


I’d love to play bass with Parliament Funkadelic, but I can’t play bass, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.


The world they live in now is in no way the world the Michelin system was set up to evaluate back in France, which was all about motorists and seeing if it was worth driving an extra 50 miles for a restaurant. It’s a silly thing. Why do you want to help a tire company? You don’t owe them nothing.


I’d like to make a show with Keith Richards.


If people are eating mostly pickles after many generations, where did that come from? It’s reflective of history, often a painful history.It’s central to a culture, to a history, to a personal story.It’s communication at its most fundamental.


If people are working only rice and beans for much of their diet, it says something.


Drugs didn’t work out too well for me.


I’m of a generation that romanticizes and maybe even over-romanticized things that were painful, that hurt others. I feel that. But I don’t know if I have any regrets.