Thoughts by Gordon Ramsay

Thoughts by Gordon Ramsay:


If everyone could just cook properly I wouldn’t have a problem.


Rude staff, bad lighting, and dirty bathrooms are all signs of a bad restaurant and a good reason to leave a restaurant!


Being a chef never seems like a job, it becomes a true passion.


Being a chef is the best job in the world.


To have 95% of the ingredients sourced, food and wine, within 100 miles radius, that’s a dream come true for any chef.


Two key ingredients in any successful chef: a quick learner and someone with a sharp brain.


If you want to think about cooking, and it’s a high-five, laid back motion, then flip burgers and dress Caesar salad, don’t try to pitch in the premier league of restaurant. Build up to it, by all means.


Pressure’s healthy. It becomes stressful when you can’t handle that. I mean, if you don’t want to become pressurized in this environment, then don’t be a chef.


Cooking a dish is fine; cooking it under pressure is a completely different ballgame.

Being on a soccer pitch is not the same as being in a kitchen when things are going wrong.


Making pasta, cooking pasta and baking bread are two essential ideas to create a little bit of excitement, and you learn the basic, and then evolve it. Flavor the bread, flavor the pasta, go to a fish, go to a meat sauce and take it to another level.


Bake some bread. Make a focaccia bread or bake a whole mill loaf. Do something creative, and then put the labor of love into it in the beginning. When you take that bread out of the oven and you eat it an hour- and- a- half, two- hours later, you start to appreciate it more and then you eat less because you worked so hard to make it, you appreciate it in a much better way.


In order to create a little bit of confidence, start cooking with pasta. Pasta is phenomenal. Once you’ve cooked pasta properly for the first time it becomes second nature.